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FRESHLY REMIXED: New upcycled denim designs just added to our webstore! #REMIXbyStevieLeigh

Every other Wednesday we add new one-of-a-kind designs to our website! Created in our design studio in Worcester, MA by fashion designer Stevie Leigh Andrascik. Check out the #FreshlyRemixed one-of-a-kind, genderless, upcycled designs just added on REMIXbyStevieLeigh.com:    All Over You - Upcycled T-shirt With Denim Patches   Bury Me - Upcycled T-shirt With Skull Sleeves  

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We've been published! Sustainable fashion designer Stevie Leigh is in SchoolArts Mag!

It's official! Sustainable fashion designer Stevie Leigh Andrascik is a published artist!  SchoolArts magazine by Davis Publications was founded in 1901 and is dedicated to provided superior art curriculum, engaging studio lessons, and valuable advocacy and classroom resources. The team at SchoolArts featured Stevie Leigh in their February 2021 issue in their 'Contemporary Art in Context' section. The article goes through Stevie Leigh's process in creating her wearable art designs from discarded material as well as featured her bio and a great interview! Read the interview HERE   Find all the products featured in the article at REMIXbyStevieLeigh.com

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Why NOT to buy cheap clothes

Clothing prices can be all over the place. What’s the difference between a $50 denim jacket and a $300 denim jacket? They’re both just denim fabric sewn together, right? Not exactly.   Although in basic terms, yes this statement is true, a denim jacket is denim fabric sewn together. However, in reality a simple denim jacket is so much more than that.   Who’s paying?  The probable main difference between a $50 denim jacket and a $300 jacket is labor and who is really getting paid. Being as brief as possible, making a denim jacket involves the following steps: Growing and picking cotton Processing cotton fiber in yarn then weaving and dyeing the fabric Designing the jacket Creating a paper...

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