Disrupting the usual broadcast... (Protesting is #PunkAF)

If you're a fan of #REMIXbyStevieLeigh, I’m assuming you have a vested interest in environmentalism and sustainability and its intersection with alternative music. However, I pose this question for you: what’s the point of supporting the health of our planet if all it’s inhabitants don’t feel welcome and are not able to create and fulfill their dreams to the full extent? The health and well-being of people should come first.

I’m in full support of the current spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement and I’ve decided to postpone my usual biweekly design release this week to continue providing content in support of the movement and to provide space to continue to educate ourselves about the often overlooked.

Check out our Instagram page (@ItsMeStevieLeigh) for resources and spotlights on amazing black artists!

Remember, every dollar you spend, every ad you choose to watch and every social media post you like or share is a vote for how you want the world to look. I urge you to use your money and time wisely and support those fighting to make this world a inclusive place for all to thrive and create. 

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