Let's improve the world together!

At #REMIXbyStevieLeigh we stand with those on the margins of popular society. We wanted to use our art to make a statement and help those in need. We've decided to donated 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these patches to a monthly rotation of nonprofit organizations. Each month we will also add new designs pertaining to current issues and the organization for which proceeds will be donated to.

June 2020 Nonprofit: Black Art Futures Fund

Why We chose this organization: We believe in supporting the up-and-comers, philanthropy and the arts. With the growing momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement in this country, we wanted to focus this months donations on the spread and support of black culture. Our society often views history through the arts. Example: walk through any major art museum today and you would think the only people alive in the past were rich white men (or naked white women but that's another issue...) and we all know people of color have been around and making history since the beginning of time.The Black Art Futures Fund provides grants to small Black arts organizations across the country, supporting a more diversified representation of art and humanity in our present day and in our future history books.


Buy a patch and make a statement not only with your money, but with your voice as you add this stylish patch to a jacket, bag, jeans or anything made of fabric!


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